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Crossroads Worship Arts Academy

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As we all continue to grieve over the loss of David, Sophie, and Ruth Ann, many have wondered what will happen with the Crossroads Worship Arts Academy that David had been directly overseeing since January 2016. Not long after David transitioned into his new role, we realized that the Academy would potentially have a greater impact in the community if it became a separate organization from Crossroads Christian Church.  Therefore, in early August, David began re-envisioning the Academy.  He worked hard to form an advisory board, create a sustainable business plan, and gave the Academy a totally new name: The Foundry.

The Foundry was originally set to launch in January 2017 depending on the completion of hiring mentors and necessary administrative staff.  Since David’s passing, the elders at Crossroads have spent some time discussing and reviewing what it would take for us to move forward with The Foundry this January.  After much prayer and conversation, we determined that launching it this soon wasn’t possible.  So at this time we’ve decided to pause all activity for the spring semester.  
Some may still wonder if we intend to launch The Foundry at some point in the future.  The reality is we just don’t know yet.  Like you, we’re still trying to process this tremendous loss.  It’s never wise to make any major decision following a tragic event.  Until we have clarity one way or another, our elders have committed to praying about God’s leading in this situation.  We’re confident that God will lead us in the right direction.  Please consider joining us in praying about this for next several weeks.
Thank you for reading this note and understanding.  You will be updated as decisions are made.  Please continue to pray for Gary, Lucinda, Josie, Rylie, Sara, Shawn and the extended family.  Thank you so much! 


Patrick Garcia
Lead Pastor, Crossroads Christian Church