Be with Others


God created and designed us for community—for living life in deep relationship with others.  Within this context, as we courageously embrace openness and vulnerability, we are transformed to be more like Jesus.  We come together to find love, support, and encouragement so that we may go out and fulfill God’s mission. 

When it comes to community, there’s no one-size-fits-all.  Some communities are built around gender, age, or stage of life.  Other communities are built around shared interests.  And some communities are simply built around a shared love for the Lord and His Word.   

At Crossroads, we want to help you find your community so that you can grow alongside others in Living and Loving Like Jesus. 

To learn more about what Being with Others looks like at Crossroads (through Groups, Classes, Support Groups, Bible Studies and more), browse this portion of our site by using the grey navigation buttons. To access resources directly related to Being with Others as part of your discipleship journey, explore the Roadmap Pathways below!

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