Current Series

God has called us to be a people of hope, worship, good work, unity and prayer. We are Jesus People, and these are the things we are about.

Because of the cross, we have eternal hope. Our God doesn’t change, so we worship through the highs and lows of life. We live for others not ourselves. We stand united and we pray, without ceasing, for the building up of others and our continued growth in the love of Christ.

April 20-21: People of Hope
Andrew Bondurant, Family Ministries Pastor

April 27-28: People of Worship  
Phil Heller

May 4-5: People on Mission
Brandon Watts, Pastor of Epiphany Church, Brooklyn

May 11-12: People of Unity
Andrew Bondurant, Family Ministries Pastor

May 18-19: People of Prayer
Ross Langston, Newburgh Campus High School Pastor