Current Sermon Series

In the last two verses of John chapter eight, we saw Jesus make a bold proclamation of his true identity, After his claim to be “I AM,” the eternal God incarnate, the religious leaders become determined to end his life.  This brings us to a turning point in the life of Jesus.

From this point forward, we see Jesus continue to reveal his true identity through His teachings and miracles. The religious leaders become more and more hostile towards him, as they look for a way and a time to end his life.  They lack faith in his identity and mission, and their spiritual blindness keeps them from embracing Jesus as the promised Messiah.  

We all encounter turning points in our lives.  We come to crossroads where we must decide: will we let our disillusionment, fear, guilt, pride or sin keep us from allowing Jesus to complete His work in us, or will we respond in complete faith and trust as Jesus shepherds us and his life and love work through us?

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