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LIVE and LOVE like Jesus!
“Whoever claims to belong to God must live as Jesus did” -1 John 2:6

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When we choose to follow Jesus by accepting Him as Savior and making Him Lord, we make a deliberate decision to LIVE and LOVE like Jesus and we sense God calling us to this as our marching orders, as the way to join Him in His mission.

● When we live and love like Jesus, people come to faith and their lives are renewed, recreated, transformed.

● When we live and love like Jesus, our faith comes alive in our hearts because we begin to experience God’s power at work in us as we learn to fully depend on Him and people begin to notice.

● When we live and love like Jesus, marriages are strengthened and families are healthy and whole because we are surrendered to God and each other.

● When we live and love like Jesus, our workplaces are filled with people who work hard but love deep, who serve not because they are just getting paid but because they are called to something more.
● When we live and love like Jesus, our neighborhoods are welcoming and mutually beneficial because people are not just looking out for their own interests but the interests and well being of others. People come to you instead of coming to Crossroads or one of the pastors.

● When we live and love like Jesus, the needs of vulnerable and hopeless in our community and our world don’t go unnoticed.
● When we live and love like Jesus, orphans are welcomed into loving and safe homes; the homeless, hungry, and hurting are served and strengthened

● When we live and love like Jesus, every person we lock eyes with feels loved and valued because we see them how Jesus does.


We believe that in order to Live and Love like Jesus, we must follow the example He set while on this Earth.  So... we have developed a tool to help each of us do exactly that!  That tool is called THE ROADMAP.  It points us to content like articles, books, videos, podcasts and sermons that help us grow in Being with God, Being with Others and Being SentClick here to access THE ROADMAP, and join us on the journey of Living and Loving like Jesus today!