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Welcome to Crossroads

What to Expect

What to Expect

Whether you’re new to Crossroads or new to church in general, we’re glad you’re here. We believe everyone matters to God and all are welcome, regardless of what you’ve done or where you’ve been. This is a place to get help, healing, and hope, while learning about God and the person he’s created you to be.

You won’t find perfect people here, but an imperfect church that holds tightly to a perfect God. We’re a biblically-centered, non-denominational church, with a huge heart for helping others.

We invite you to check out a weekend service at our Newburgh Campus, West Campus, or Watch Crossroads Live.

Services typically last 70 minutes and are identical across all service times. Pick a time that works for you.

Feel free to come as you are. You don’t have to dress up or pretend to be something you’re not to come to church. Some people come dressed in business casual… others more casual. This is a judgment-free zone.

There’s a place for your kids here. Whether it’s in the Nursery, Crossroads Kids Church, or Middle School, we have an experience designed for them. Arrive about 20 minutes before the service starts your first time, so we can help everyone get checked in smoothly.

You’ll have a chance to grow, belong, and make a difference. Attend a Next Steps Class to learn more and find the best places to plug in.

The Book of Jonah includes much more than the simple Sunday school story of “Jonah and the Big Fish”…

This book highlights God’s sovereignty and mercy.  It shows his love for all of mankind—those that follow Him, and those that have chosen to go the opposite direction.  This “simple child’s story” foreshadows the manner in which Jesus proved his identity as God’s son and brought the means for salvation to the world.  This historical account of the prophet Jonah, who lived seven centuries before the birth of Christ, is full of rich application for the life of a 21st century believer.

We can see that there is a little bit of Jonah in every one of us; we’ve all been given a mission from God, and at times we have all had our own reasons for shying away from boldly proclaiming the Good News of Jesus to a world that desperately needs this message.

It has been said that there are glimpses of the Gospel Message in every book of the Bible. This is definitely proven true in the Book of Jonah, the prophet.  Please join us as we study this book together throughout the month of July.

July 6-7: Our Relationship With God's Word
Phil Heller, Lead Pastor

July 13-14: Our Relationship With God's World
Phil Heller, Lead Pastor

July 20-21: Our Relationship With God's Grace
Phil Heller, Lead Pastor

July 27-28: Our Relationship With God
Phil Heller, Lead Pastor