Service and Learning

The following are great ways we, as the Church, can release the joy and reality of Jesus, who is living in us:


  • Ask someone how they are doing in the pandemic. Briefly share what Jesus is teaching you and ask to pray for them 
  • Think about ways to practically love on and bless those who could use special attention 
  • Download and watch The Chosen, an acclaimed new series, to see how Jesus interacted with the hopeless and vulnerable [App Store] [Google Play]  
  • Choose 2-3 people you know, and intentionally pray over the next six weeks that they begin experiencing the joy of Jesus. Periodically follow up with them and see how you might encourage them and point to Jesus 
  • Practice your 30-second testimony with family, friends or people in your neighborhood  
  • Check out 4-circles evangelism. It’s a simple way to share the full Gospel with people 


  • Prayerwalk your neighborhood, around Potter’s Wheel, or wherever else you would like to see Jesus’ reality abound! 
  • Our community partners greatly need help in this season: 
    • The Potter’s Wheel has opportunities available weekdays from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM. Email Patrick Hickey to begin serving. 
    • The Community One whole-house rehab program continues every Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Email Tim Oeding for more information. 
    • Visit the Evansville Rescue Mission and Evansville Christian Life Center to find a good fit. 
    • Read one of these books about how you can better come alongside the hopeless and vulnerable: 

Surprise The World 
To Transform A City 


  • Visit your preferred news organization and pray for the world leaders and situations you see 
  • Go to your favorite ethnic restaurant and get to know the owner and employees. Find out where they’re from and how their family is doing 
  • Grab a friend or two and go through MomentumYes together to learn more about how you can play an even greater role in God’s mission and not even pack a suitcase 
  • Write a letter to your sponsored child in Kenya OR learn more about sponsoring a child
  • Pray for greater breakthrough alongside one of our global partners: 

Mustard Seed Network