Freedom Tools Class

Freedom Tools Class
Wednesdays, August 28-December 4, 9:00 AM, Room 209, Newburgh Campus

The Freedom Tools Class provides a great introduction to Freedom Prayer Ministry.  Freedom Tools by Reese and Barnett will serve as the primary text for this class while additional resources are used to enhance discussion and practice.  Participants will learn tools and practices that will lead them toward personal freedom while also preparing them to minister freedom to others.

How many times in everyday conversation do we struggle to comfort others in a troubled world?  Authors Reese and Barnett contentd that Christians should be "first responders," yet we lack the tools and confidence to reach out.  We end up frustrated by our own inability to connect meaningfully and make a difference.  "

But, what would happen if we had the ability and courage to speak out in love?  This book will provide the practical understanding and simple tools to do just that.  You can fill even your casual conversations with gentle yet transforming power of Jesus Christ.  Here is what you need to confidently step out to bring peace, give grace and help others experience renewal.  Led by Emily Linge

You will need the book Freedom Tools by Reese and Barnett (revised and expanded edition), available at or